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Move Media’s outdoor screens are located along Tallinn’s busy streets. We will find your customers!

Equipment sales

We guarantee full service. Move Media sells screens and provides logistics, project documentation and technical execution.

Technical support

More than 7 years of professional experience ensures smooth project management. We provide years of after-sales service and a warranty for our work.

In short

Move Media offers a digital outdoor media service to marketers and manages various LED/LCD display solutions for business customers.

A well-thought-out display solution is visually striking and helps boost the sales and reputation of your company. With the help of digital solutions, Move Media makes your brand visible and internal communications smooth.

ensures attention.
preserves nature.
saves time.

Display solutions

The most common formats for LED and display solutions

Touch sensitive information screens

Interactive screens allow you to get the information you need from the display with just a few clicks. Areas of application: schools; meeting rooms; offices; homes; retail trade; public bodies, etc.

LCD/LED screens with housing for indoor and outdoor use

Wall-mounted solution for screens and video walls. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Areas of use: shopping streets, shopping centres, transport hubs and other crowded places.

LCD/LED display stand for indoor and outdoor conditions

A self-standing portrait format screen. As a rule, it is placed on city streets, in shopping centre corridors and other crowded places.

LED outdoor screens

A striking solution in the cityscape. Used for both advertising and the presentation of information. The screen can be installed either on an independent structure or the wall of a building. The well-planned location of the advertising space ensures high visibility and sales growth.

Special solutions

We help you to think of and implement brilliant ideas in the world of digital media and lighting solutions.

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