Display solutions

The most common formats for LED and display solutions

Touch sensitive information screens
Interactive screens allow you to get the information you need from the display with just a few clicks. Areas of application: schools; meeting rooms; offices; homes; retail trade; public bodies, etc.
LCD/LED screens with housing for indoor and outdoor use
Wall-mounted solution for screens and video walls. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Areas of use: shopping streets, shopping centres, transport hubs and other crowded places.
LCD/LED display stand for indoor and outdoor conditions
A self-standing portrait format screen. As a rule, it is placed on city streets, in shopping centre corridors and other crowded places. LED outdoor screens
LED outdoor screens
A striking solution in the cityscape. Used for both advertising and the presentation of information. The screen can be installed either on an independent structure or the wall of a building. The well-planned location of the advertising space ensures high visibility and sales growth.
Special solutions
We help you to think of and implement brilliant ideas in the world of digital media and lighting solutions.

How much do screens cost?

Prices also vary greatly depending on the type, capability and size of the screen. The price per square metre for an LED screen starts at around EUR 800.
Prices for smaller LCD screens start at a few hundred euros, and prices for large LED screens end where your imagination ends.
Screen prices also depend a lot on the manufacturer and the quality of the product.
There are also very cheap Chinese products on the market that do not always meet expectations in terms of quality or reliability.
Move Media only offers and sells well-known and tried-and-tested products that are guaranteed with a long manufacturer’s warranty.
Send us your request or inquiry and we will provide you with a precise quote.

What is the difference between a home TV and a professional screen?

Customers often wonder why they couldn’t simply purchase a regular TV from a retail store.
There are several benefits to using professional screens.
Most professional screens are designed to be used 24 hours a day, compared to only 4 hours for home TVs. In addition, the special advertising screen has built-in media players, remote management solutions, a longer warranty, a higher brightness level, etc.

How does an image or video appear on the screen?

Today’s digital screens come with a built-in media player that does not require a separate controller. The screens connect to a server that allows you to easily control the screens or manage their content via the Internet. Or from a smartphone while on the other side of the planet.
If you do not have the time or desire to deal with media insertions, we also offer our customers a complete solution, where our media inserts are responsible for ensuring that your campaigns are broadcast on time and are off the air at the right time.

How much power does the LED display consume?

The power consumption of LED screens depends on the screen size, maximum brightness, and pixel density.
For example: An 8-millimetre pixel pitch LED screen measuring 5.6m x 2.8m consumes an average of 1100kW/h of electricity per month.

Is there any additional financial obligation at a later date involved when purchasing a screen?

There are no direct financial obligations after your purchase the screen. The products offered by Move Media mostly have a long three-year warranty and a long useful life. In addition, the offered licenses for the media management systems are lifetime licenses and are not accompanied by any subsequent costs.
As screen solutions are equipment, it must be borne in mind that they must be maintained and cleaned from time to time to ensure the maximum reliability of the equipment.

How soon will the ordered screen reach me?

Delivery times for smaller LCD screens are usually 3-5 business days, and for larger LED screens, 30-90 days, depending on whether they are in stock and the type of transport selected.

Can I install the screen myself?

Installing information screens is as easy as installing a regular TV, if you follow the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations. Installing an LED screen requires the know-how and hands of professionals.
Our technicians are specially trained and have extensive experience in handling screens, which guarantees you fast and high-quality work.

Put your plot of land to work earning you money!

The property you own may have rental potential as a location for an advertising screen. Suggest your location and, if it’s suitable, we will take care of the necessary documentation as well as all of the technical questions!

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